Grupo Amasua

Calle Eduardo del Palacio, 1

Madrid, 28002


Phone: +34 91-564-40-30


Company type: Private

Subsidiaries: Krustagroup, Frio Condal, Gairloch Seafoods, Arbumasa, Krustamoz, Asmaroc

Brands: Grand Krust, Costasur, Krustasur, Pescasur, Arbumasa

Grupo Amasua key executives

Amador Suárez, president

Rubén Celaya, vice-president

Elías Suárez, general director

Juan Lizarríbar, CFO

Fishing company Grupo Amasua has operated in Spain for over 40 years. It has a holding structure formed by a number of fishing, processing and trading companies, focusing on both the harvesting and distribution.

Since its beginnings, Grupo Amasua has expanded internationally, with its arrival to fishing grounds in Africa, particularly Mauritania, Senegal, Cameroon, Angola, Mozambique and later to Morocco through its subsidiary Asmaroc.