Copacol Cooperativa Agroindustrial Consolata (Copacol)

Agroindustrial consolata

Rua Desembargador Munhoz

de Mello,176 - Cafelândia-PR


Phone: +55 45-32-41-80-80


Company type: Private

Brand: Copacol

Copacol key executives

Valter Pitol, CEO

James Fernando de Morais, deputy CEO

Paraná state-based industrial cooperative Copacal produces and sells branded frozen tilapia and hake fillets, pintado (Brazilian catfish) steaks and frozen shrimp. Product lines also include value-added items such as tilapia croquettes, tilapia lasagna and tilapia escondidinho (Shepherd’s Pie) and tilapia in a four-cheese sauce.

The company slaughters around 31.7 million fish annually, and directly employs around 5,700 employees.