Clearwater Seafoods

757 Bedford Highway

Bedford, Nova Scotia

B4A 3Z7


Phone: +1 90-24-43-05-50


Company type: Public

Key investors: Clearwater Fine Foods (John Risley, Colin MacDonald), Clearwater Seafood Income Trust

Subsidiaries: Adams and Knickle (50 percent), Clearwater Fine Foods Europe (100 percent), Clearwater Fine Foods USA (100 percent), Glaciar Pesquera (85 percent), Macduff Shellfish Group (100 percent), Clearwater Ocean Prawns (53.66 percent), St Anthony Seafoods (75 percent)

Brands: Clearwater

Clearwater Seafoods key executives

Ian Smith, CEO

Teresa Fortney, vice president, finance and CFO

John Risley and Colin MacDonald established Clearwater Seafoods in the mid-1970s, which has since turned into the largest fishing company in Canada.