Angulas Aguinaga

Calle Laskibar 5

20271 - Irura (Gipuzkoa)


Phone: +34 902-49-50-00


Company type: Private

Key investors: Portobello Capital (51 percent), minority shareholders (49 percent)

Brands: La Gula del Norte, Krissia, Aguinamar, Viveros Merimar

Angulas Aguinaga key executives

Ignacio Muñoz, CEO

Iñaki Mendizabal, CFO

Spain's Angulas Aguinaga was founded in 1974 with the merger of a number of families with tradition in fishing and commercializing eel.

The company turned around in 1991, when it launched the Gula del Norte in Spain, a surimi-based substitute for eel Angulas Aguinaga had created in response to the significant fall in eel biomass.