A. Espersen

Fiskerivej 1

DK-3700 Rønne, Bornholm


Phone: +45 56-90-60-00



Company type: Private

Key investors: Insepa A/S

Subsidiaries: Espersen France, Espersen Lietuva, Espersen Polska, Espersen Koszalin, A. Espersen LCC, Espersen Vietnam, Espersen Asia, Beck Pack Systems (60 percent), Scanfish Norway (49 percent), Cartolit (60 percent)

Brands: Rahbek

A. Espersen key executives

Klaus B. Nielsen, CEO

Max Sorensen, executive vice president COO

Founded in 1937, A. Espersen processes frozen fish blocks, frozen fillets, specials cuts, and breaded and puff pastry fish products at production plants and non-production units in Denmark, France, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Spain and Vietnam.