The National Aquaculture Association has issued advice to farms and allied businesses handling live aquatic animals that, among other things, suggests tactics for avoiding scrutiny associated with the mistreatment of fish and animals.

In its latest statement the association recommends businesses re-examine or adopt hiring, farm visitation, and farm security policies specific to insuring animal care.

“Screen potential employees carefully. Keep an eye out for any indication of an individual seeking employment in order to advance the agenda of an animal rights group,” the statement said.

The association made these new comments after animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing (COK) released an undercover video depicting "inappropriate and unacceptable" live fish handling at a salmon hatchery.

NAA issued a statement Monday urging the public to immediately report animal abuse to farm owners, managers or public authorities when farm managers are unresponsive to reports of mistreatment.

The NAA’s latest advice recommends aquaculture businesses develop or review a farm/company animal welfare policy to share with the public, develop or review a policy for welcoming and managing visitors.

It also urges the implementation or review of a farm biosecurity plan typically aimed at reducing risk of introducing disease or food safety hazards to the farm and farm products.