As feed suppliers attempt to capture the growing land-based farming segment, Norway-headquartered feed giant Skretting gets a win by securing a contract to supply US land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire.

The contract covers the majority of Atlantic Sapphire’s feed requirement in Denmark and the United States.

Atlantic Sapphire produces around 2,900 metric tons of salmon out of its center in Denmark. The company projected it will produce roughly 10,000 metric tons of salmon a year in its US facility from the third quarter of 2020.

Skretting is part of Dutch animal nutrition group Nutreco, which was acquired by multinational SHV Holdings in 2015.

Skretting's competitor, Danish feed giant BioMar, had been the lead supplier for Atlantic Sapphire's operations in Denmark since the beginning.

BioMar had announced earlier this year that they were concentrating efforts on developing products specifically for land-based farms, and would be bringing new products to market "very soon."

Skretting announced global quality standards for a new range of feed products dedicated for production in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS), which minimize the risk to water quality and filter loading of Atlantic Sapphire’s large-scale grow out facilities.

Skretting launched the first global RAS feed in 2009, and holds two proprietary solutions crucial to optimizing feed for RAS.

“Skretting has demonstrated a strong R&D foundation, and that was a key decision making factor for us. We are excited to work in partnership to develop a salmon feed optimized for our Bluehouse technology," said Johan Andreassen, CEO of Atlantic Sapphire.

Earlier this month, Atlantic Sapphire also announced an agreement with Norwegian group Hofseth Biocare to establish a joint venture at the company's Miami farming site to produce byproducts from the company's offcuts.

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