Oslo-listed Chilean salmon farmer Salmones Camanchaca harvested a total of 13,403 metric tons of both Atlantic salmon and coho in the third quarter.

Of this total, Atlantic salmon accounted for 13,368 metric tons with average weights of 5.9 kilograms.

This is 17 percent lower than the same period last year when the company harvested 16,116 metric tons of Atlantic salmon and back in line with the third quarter of 2018, when the company harvested 13,831 metric tons.

In addition to the Atlantic salmon, coho season also started in the third quarter of 2020 and accounted for the remaining 35 metric tons of the total.

Salmones Camanchaca is maintaining its full-year harvest estimates for 2020 at between 51,000 and 53,000 metric tons of Atlantic salmon and about 3,000 metric tons of coho, it said.

The company’s full third-quarter report will be released on Nov. 11.


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