Russian Aquaculture is investing in Norwegian de-licing technology through its purchase of the Enabler One de-licing barge from vessel-supply company FSV Group.

Following Russian Aquaculture’s acquisition of Enabler One in May, the barge has undergone a significant upgrade. The barge’s four de-licing lines, supplied by Flatsetsund Engineering, have now been upgraded to the latest version of the FLS de-licer.

The barge was originally built for rental to Mowi in 2014.

Russian Aquaculture operates seven sites in the Murmansk region and accounts for over 80 percent of Russian sea-based salmon and trout farming production.

“For us, investing in Norwegian technology is a natural choice. We also produce according to Norwegian methods when it comes to welfare and sustainability at all our sites," said Arne Geirulv of Russian Aquaculture.