Norwegian salmon producer Nordlaks reported a possible escape from its farm in Boroya Slaktermerd, Nordland on Sunday after discovering a tear in its waiting cage.

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries received tips on catching 14 farmed salmon in the area last weekend, and sees the catches in connection with the damage at Nordlaks, it stated in a report.

"The alarm went off with us when local fishermen reported escaped fish. We implemented all procedures with recapture and notification to the authorities," said Lars Fredrik Martinussen, communications manager at Nordlaks.

The waiting cage was harvested on Thursday, however, the count does not confirm the escape.

"There are certain margins of error when counting on well boats, but the count after harvesting cannot confirm the escape," Martinussen said.

"The hole in the cage was 6x5 stitches, so there is a small hole near the bottom in a corner of the waiting cage."

The company took samples of the salmon caught by local fishermen to trace the origin and confirm whether the fish was from its site.

Nordlaks had recapture nets out after the damage was discovered, but has so far not caught escaped fish in any.