Norwegian cod farmer Purecod could become the world’s first cod farmer using closed-containment pens.

The company said Monday it received permits from Norwegian municipalities More and Romsdal to raise 3,120 metric tons of cod in the systems.

“This is an important milestone ... we believe it is a game changer for the industry," Purecod CEO Mikael Rones said.

The pens consist of a double containment barrier that minimizes the risk of fish escapes and reduces the possibility of direct interaction with the surrounding environment.

The pens are also equipped with a waste collection and transportation system that will allow organic matter to be collected safely.

The company, which was established in 2020 and is owned by Blue Future, is exploring different solutions to process sludge as part of its sustainability strategy.

Rones founded Norway-based cod farming operation Norcod, as well as Maine-based project American Aquafarms in 2019. Rones is no longer involved with Norcod.