Authorities approved Norway-based Nordic Aquafarms permit applications for its land-based salmon farm in the rural Maine city of Belfast.

The company's documentation showed sufficient proof for the Department of Environmental Protection to take action on the application.

Gilbane Building Company and Landry French Construction will manage the construction of the 850,000 square-foot facility, which is expected to kick off in 2021.

Nordic Aquafarms faced headwinds throughout the year from residents in the area, which slowed down the project.

The permit applications cover the entire project for the Belfast location, including the first phase and future expansions.

Earlier in May, opponents of the project claimed that Bureau of Land and Parks and the DEP should refuse Nordic Aquafarms' application since a conservation easement crosses the land where the project's intake and outfall pipes are planned to be located. The opposition is also disputing who owns an intertidal area that is key to the project.

Nordic Aquafarms' permit approvals are in the pipeline and the company waits for the green light to start with the construction plans.


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