Newfoundland Fisheries Minister Gerry Byrne is still unclear on the environmental impact resulting from the massive die-off at Mowi-owned company Northern Harvest.

"We need science to determine what the environmental impact is before such theses or hypotheses could be floated and taken as fact," he told NTV.

The minister visited Harbour Breton on Oct. 11 to discuss the future of the sector, having suspended 10 licenses.

"This has been a dark day because I learned from the company that they did not report as per required by condition. I did not get a satisfactory answer from the company as to why they did not report," Byrne said.

The Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union is also calling for a sit-down with Mowi, who owns Northern Harvest, to address monitoring and environmental impact from the die-off.

The recent mass fish die off on the Coast of Bays, Newfoundland, Canada, will cost Mowi a one-off net cost of €5 million ($5.5 million) with an impact on harvest volumes of around 1,000 metric tons.