The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries found a hefty 233 kilogram tuna swimming in Leroy Midt's salmon farm.

The fish was found about seven meters deep and made a half-meter wide hole in the cage, but the company took precautionary action to prevent salmon from escaping.

Leroy Midt and the Directorate of Fisheries should have communicated better through a notification service, Leroy's Manager of Public Affairs Krister Hoaas told IntraFish.

"The chances that salmon escaped are very small," Hoaas said. "Controlled fishing will continue around the site for a period agreed upon with the Directorate of Fisheries."

Such events happen from time to time, but with the contingency plans in place and the direct communication via a notification service with the Directorate of Fisheries, it is easier to manage the issues, Hoaas said.


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