Wednesday, February 27, 19:00 pm GMT

Danish Seafood Association: 'We are not judging'

There have been so many rumours for so many years about price setting, but no-one has any evidence of that, said Peter Bamberger, chairman of the Danish Seafood Association.

"We have to wait for the investigation and that will close the book one way or the other, but we are an association so we are not judging what is going on."


Thursday, February 21, 19:00 pm GMT

Drama Queens?

The EU's probe into a potential "salmon cartel" may not end up amounting to much once the facts are investigated by the European Commission, experts told IntraFish.

Investigations such as these are common, according to Bård Misund, an associate professor in marine economics at the University of Stavanger School of Business, who...(read more)


Thursday, February 21, 15:00 pm GMT

Financial impact limited?

Several analysts covering stock-listed Norwegian salmon farmers -- including Mowi and Grieg, two subjects of this week's raids, along with Leroy Seafood and SalMar owned Scottish Sea Farms -- said the financial impact on companies from the raids is, for now, limited.

The investigations can potentially create some "short-term noise in the space," Lars Konrad Johnsen, aquaculture analyst at Fearnley Securities told IntraFish. "Today’s announcement is more worrisome...(read more)


Wednesday, February 20, 11:50 pm GMT

Seafood Norway: Not our business

Geir Ove Ystmark, managing director of industry association Seafood Norway, said the alleged price-fixing investigation was not a matter for the Norwegian industry organizations to comment on.

"It's a case for the companies themselves, it is purely business-related," he told IntraFish. "We have neither access to this matter nor want access, we work with political framework conditions for the industry in Norway."

--Bent-Are Jensen


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Wednesday, February 20, 16:50 pm GMT

SSC, Cooke Aquaculture confirm scope of investigation

Spokespeople for both Cooke Aquaculture Scotland and The Scottish Salmon Company (SSC) confirmed that their companies were not a part of the EC raids.

A spokesperson for Cooke Aquaculture Scotland said:

"Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is not part of this investigation. We understand it to be in relation to Norwegian owned farmers."

SSC's spokesperson said:

"The Scottish Salmon Company has not been approached by the European Commission regarding this investigation."


Wednesday, February 20, 12:21 pm GMT

SSPO breaks silence

A spokesperson for the SSPO said:

"The SSPO is aware of the inspections carried out by EC officials at premises belonging to salmon companies in relation to allegations of anti-competitive practices.

"However, we understand the focus of the investigation is another jurisdiction, not Scotland.

"The companies concerned are co-operating fully with the investigatory authorities and all further inquiries should be referred to the EC."


Wednesday, February 20, 8.45 am GMT

Country competition authorities give mixed feedback on raids

Individual country competition authorities contacted by IntraFish were largely in the dark on the European Commission (EC) raids.

The Dutch Competition Authority said while the EC Competition Authority might contact them over potential raids on company offices in the Netherlands, in this case they had not, spokesman Jeroen Nugteren told IntraFish.

The Danish office initially told IntraFish they knew nothing about the raids and later sent a statement stating they could did not disclose information of this kind to the press.

The Polish office also said they knew nothing of raids on salmon companies in their country and the UK office refused to comment on the record.

The French office could not be contacted at the time of press.

--Rachel Mutter


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Wednesday, February 20, 7:15 am GMT

Leroy alerts stock exchange

EU's competition authorities (European Commission Director General Competition) has conducted an inspection at the premises of Scottish Sea Farms Ltd. - a company owned 50 percent by Lerøy Seafood Group (LSG).

The purpose is, according to the competition authorities, to investigate accusations of anti-competitive cooperation in the salmon market.

"In connection with the inspection, the EU competition authorities has also requested for information from the shareholders in Scottish Sea Farms Ltd," said Leroy.

"LSG will assist the authorities in order to facilitate an efficient completion of the investigations."


Tuesday, February 19, 6:00 pm GMT

The European Commission confirms its 'unannounced visits' in the UK

READ: Full EC statement on the salmon collusion raids


Tuesday, February 19, 5:00 pm GMT

Analysis: The spin on the 'salmon cartel' isn't good

Get ready for PR crisis mode.


Tuesday, February 19, 4:00 pm GMT

Investigation extends beyond the UK, EU officials tell IntraFish.

European Commission says salmon collusion raids made in 'several' member states.

Catch up here.


Tuesday, February 19, 3:00 pm GMT

EU authorities raid Mowi, Scottish Sea Farms, Grieg UK operations

Companies under investigation for collusive practices; several other salmon farming companies confirm they have not been contacted.

Read the breaking news here.


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