Japan-Singapore based aquaculture technology startup Umitron has been selected to send a satellite into space to gather ocean observations for the aquaculture sector.

The company, which late last year partnered with Thai food giant CP Foods to try and improve Thailand's shrimp farming industry, was chosen in cooperation with research groups led by the Tokyo Institute of Technology for the third innovative satellite demonstration program under the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

The satellite, which is planned for launch in 2022 fiscal, will make high-frequency and high-resolution observations of plankton and nutrient levels required to support the aquaculture industry, including fish, shellfish and algae farmers.

"As the water quality changes, risks in aquaculture grow," said the company. "For example, fish can be easily killed by red tide algae blooms and seaweed, or shellfish growth can be inhibited by nutrient depletion. In order to reduce these risks and stabilize aquaculture production, information on the ocean environment such as the distribution of plankton and nutrients is critical for the industry."

The company is also preparing to launch an ocean data service for the aquaculture sector, called Umitron Pulse, early next month.