For Walton-backed investment fund Cuna del Mar Managing Partner Robert Orr, the main driver of adding companies to the portfolio is making sure the technologies produced would help solve the problem of sustainably harvesting the ocean.

"Right now we are not actively looking for new investments," Orr told IntraFish. "We've rounded out the various areas, which are going to contribute to the success of our overall mission to bring a technological approach to the challenge of feeding ourselves and honoring the ocean at the same time."

The fund puts its energy and expertise into digesting what it already has and executing against them especially since most of the companies are still, relatively speaking, early stage companies.

"There's a lot to do getting them to start to realize their potential and their technology, which is why we're focusing on technological growths inside the companies and operating farms we work with," Orr said.

Cuna del Mar is not a traditional private equity fund because its focus lies within the grand challenge of growing fish in the ocean in a completely sustainable way.

"We're not looking for a reviewing of a couple of dozen new firms each quarter of each month," Orr said. "We are proving out the technology and going much deeper than broader."

The fund focuses on acquisitions working on new species developments and technologies mixing fish health and nutrition to develop good husbandry practices and accelerate the rate at which the husbandry practices can be put into play with new species.

"It's partially identifying where there's an opportunity and whether the opportunity lines up with a technological suite," Orr said.

IntraFish has been following the development of Cuna del Mar's portfolio, so here's a round up on what makes the investment aquaculture fund unique in its focus.


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