Icelandic aquaculture companies are forming a new industry association called Iceland Aquaculture and Ocean Forum (IAOF) to support the sustainable growth of Iceland’s aquaculture sector.

IAOF expects to become a platform for international cooperation in marine aquaculture -- both at sea and on land -- as well as deal with challenges related to climate change, exploitation and sustainability.

The association, together with Icelandic bank Arion Bank, will host its first annual Iceland Aquaculture and Oceans Conference in Reykjavik June 1-2.

"To form such a broad aquaculture sector association from both ocean and land producers has long been an objective for the Icelandic industry," IAOF Chair Kjartan Olafsson said.

Olafsson is also the chairman of Iceland-based salmon producer Arnarlax.

"We can now engage in a number of joint activities for the benefits of the industry and for Iceland," Olafsson said.

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