The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) is once again postponing its GOAL conference this year, and instead planning a “hybrid” experience comprising a series of virtual events culminating with an in-person event in Seattle in the fall.

The series of online events will begin on April 15.

The new hybrid event is expected to deliver the same content but with greater frequency, reach and versatility, said GAA.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the GOAL conference went virtual in 2020, replacing the in-person event in Tokyo, Japan.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic remaining, GAA has decided to again postpone the in-person event in Tokyo to 2022 and instead will hold a face-to-face meeting in Seattle in the fall. The venue and dates of which are yet to be announced.

“The silver lining of the pandemic is that it prompted us to rethink how we deliver GOAL,” said GAA Communications and Events Manager Steven Hedlund.

This year, the content that is traditionally part of the plenary at the in-person event will instead be delivered through a series of virtual events held throughout the year.

“That content will be summarized at the in-person event, freeing up time for attendees to engage in in-depth discussions and participate in the business, social and networking activities that GOAL is known for,” said Hedlund.

Additionally, as GAA transitions to the Global Seafood Alliance this year, GOAL is expanding its scope to include both aquaculture and wild fisheries content.

The conference will be rebranded as “GOAL: The Responsible Seafood Conference,” dropping the “Global Outlook for Aquaculture Leadership” moniker.

“On this 20th anniversary of GOAL, we are looking forward to broadening the discussion to include wild-capture fisheries and connecting seafood buyers and producers throughout the value chain through the global connectivity of virtual meetings and the relationship-building power of face-to-face meetings,” said GAA President and Founder George Chamberlain.