The Norwegian salmon farming sector is undoubtedly the global leader in technology and innovation. Its recent government-backed initiative, the development license project, sparked a range of new concepts and ideas -- from The Egg to Aquatraz.

With cost, environment and social change around the world, can these new farming methods open new doors for the sector? Find out at the IntraFish Salmon Summit luncheon at the Radisson Blu in Trondheim, Norway on Aug. 21 from 11:00-13:30.

Among our themes, we'll explore:

  • How can technology change where farmed salmon can be grown?
  • Which concepts hold the most promise for adoption?
  • How will costs compare with conventional salmon farming?
  • How will Norway's massive oil and gas sector adapt its technology into the aquaculture sector?
  • What is the climate in other countries for adapting new technologies from a government and industry perspective?
  • How could other countries create similar incentives for growth?

Presenters and panelists include:

  • Klaus Hatlebrekke, COO, Norway Royal Salmon
  • Ricardo Garcia, CEO, Salmones Camanchaca
  • Thor Hukkelaas, Director of Aquaculture R&D, Kongsberg Maritime
  • Anne Osland, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
  • Dag Sletmo, SVP, DnB

IntraFish Editors Joar Grindheim and Drew Cherry will lead a panel debate and Q&A following the presentations.

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