Cooke Aquaculture's Kelly Cove Salmon in Nova Scotia has finally gained approval to renew its marine aquaculture license and leases in the province's Liverpool Bay.

The company applied for the renewal last year for a 10-year license and 20-year lease for its Coffin Island fish farm in the province.

The Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture (NSDFA) approved the renewal following a performance review based on the technical and biological assessment of the farm and a public comment period.

During that public comment period, concerns were raised regarding how the farm site impacts local lobster populations and harvesting activity, which the agency said it was currently researching.

Opponents also brought up the "superchill" event, where Cooke last year lost 10,000 fish due to extreme cold weather temperatures.

The government agency said Cooke handled the March event in a way that complied with regulations, and that new monitoring technology should help with future weather events.

Earlier this year, NSDFA approved the renewal of two other existing Kelly Cove Salmon farm sites located at Hartz Point in Shelburne, and Brier Island in St. Mary’s Bay, Digby County in the province.

“More than 12 different provincial and federal regulatory agencies have oversight on our operations, and we adhere to the Nova Scotia Environmental Monitoring Program Framework," said Cooke Spokesman Joel Richardson of the decision.

"Maintaining a clean environment is essential to raising salmon, and the coastal area around the Liverpool Bay site is as pristine today as it was when the farm was first established in 2000."

The license will be renewed through April of 2030 and the lease will be renewed through April of 2040.

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