Cooke Seafood CEO Glenn Cooke praised US President Donald Trump on Friday for recognizing "domestic farmed production of aquaculture seafood is vital to help correct the severe trade imbalance and strengthen local food security."

On Thursday Trump signed an executive order that aims to boost the domestic seafood industry by streamlining aquaculture development and "cutting red tape" on the fisheries sector.

"This should be viewed as a call to state and local governments that the country is in dire need of domestically produced seafood protein and that they should find ways to support, promote, and expand this essential food sector as other countries have," Cooke said.

Cooke also lauded Trump for easing regulations for offshore aquaculture, a controversial topic among wild fisheries and for NGOs.


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Others in the seafood industry have also praised Trump for the executive order's focus on the American worker and the future opportunities it provides for US offshore aquaculture.

Sean O’Scannlain, president and CEO of Fortune International, said Friday the order "increases coordination among agencies and clarifies existing regulations to reduce barriers that currently limit offshore aquaculture in US federal waters."