There has yet to be a "big impact" on prices due to the Chilean protests, Bakkafrost Senior Sales Manager Simun Jacobsen told IntraFish.

"We could probably see the price of the market, it increased slightly in the week that's now come, mostly likely due to the Chile problem," Jacobsen said. "But on the other hand, for the upcoming week I expect more fish to come out of Norway and make a balance."

Norwegian salmon spot prices fell to levels below NOK 50 (€4.90/$5.40) per kilo this week, and some salmon farmers and exporters told IntraFish they believe Chilean salmon industry's unrest will push prices back up in the coming days.

One exporter was less certain.

"Farmers who are raving about the unrest in Chile and increased demand on Norway from the United States are dreaming," he said.

"There are very limited opportunities to send special volumes to the United States because of flight capacities."

Bakkafrost's Jacobsen also highlighted that companies in the Faroe Islands are not direct competitors of the Chilean producers, with a different target market.

However, the longer the problems go on, the more likely the industry will be affected.

"If it stays for a long time, of course it will have an impact but it's too early too tell," he said.

In 2018, Bakkafrost exported DKK 467 million (€62.5 million/$69.3 million) worth of farmed salmon to the United States, accounting for 21 percent of the group's total sales.