Dharma Rajeswaran, chief of staff for land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire, on Wednesday announced he is leaving the company. "It has been an exciting journey to work as director of operations and chief of staff over the past five years. I want to thank everyone for their support and love, wrote Rajeswaran in an update on Linkedin. He has changed his LinkedIn profile to " looking for new challenges. " Rajeswaran, who grew up in Norway, has worked closely with Atlantic Sapphire boss Johan Andreassen for many years. Among other things, he was the general manager of Villa Arctic back in 2010, a subsidiary of Villa Organic, which Andreassen co-founded. On March 29, after the company suffered a mass death incident at its Florida plant, Rajeswaran stepped down from the position of chief operating officer and moved to chief of staff. I want to thank my wonderful colleague and friend Dharma Rajeswaran for his contribution as executive vice president (COO) for Atlantic Sapphire, and look forward to spending time with him in his new role as chief of staff, Andreassen wrote on Twitter at the time. Lovik entered At the same time, Bjorn-Vegard Lovik was hired as acting director of operations. Lovik is Andreassen's third cousin, and was a co-founder of Atlantic Sapphire. He also owns a significant share of the company, through Alsco, an investment company Andreassen and Lovik have together. At the time of Rajeswaran's role change in March, company CFO Karl Oystein Oyehaug declined to say whether the change was made as a result of the mortality event. Love you In Wednesday's update on Linkedin, Rajeswaran writes that it has been a great pleasure to be involved in building up salmon production on land in Florida. " Thank