Salmon farmer AquaChile and NGO World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) have signed an agreement to achieve 100-percent Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for all of AquaChile's operations.

The groups announced the agreement Tuesday and said AquaChile is also committed to the following measures:

  • Ratifying its commitment not to operate its concessions in lakes and keep them for research or monitoring of their environmental condition.
  • Developing a comprehensive policy for its relationship with communities, implementing the methodologies described in the document: "ASC Certification in Chile: Box of Guidelines and Tools for salmon companies in their responsible relationship with communities," and measuring progress in the field.
  • Improving waste management through a voluntary marking of 100 percent of its floating structures with its logo and name in order to facilitate the identification of waste at any time and in any place. In addition, AquaChile will continue with its permanent program of voluntary cleaning of beaches in areas where it has a large environmental impact.
  • Also, the company will support the development of projects related to local biodiversity monitoring promoted by WWF Chile, and support the work developed by WWF Chile to identify areas of high conservation value in Patagonia.