The sting of inflation is being felt across the seafood industry, but when it comes to the speed and severity of the rise, shipping is far and away the most severe.

Our series on inflation kicked off with an examination of the impact of the leap in shipping costs, and we explored the topic in more detail in this week's podcast.

Holly Birkett, a journalist covering the shipping sector with IntraFish sister publication TradeWinds, joined us to give us insight on why rates are moving up so high, and what seafood companies can expect.

"If you were a seafood exporter sending goods around the world, you've been getting away with it," Birkett said.

"You have been probably paying massively under the odds for the service you're receiving because it's been so cheap. Now I think a bit of reality has kicked in."

Those higher rates aren't poised to go down anytime soon, Birkett said, since they are "reflecting a more realistic cost of transport."

Listen to the full discussion here: