Activists taking undercover videos and photos of salmon farms is nothing new.

In fact, among the most rabid anti-salmon farming campaigners, video and photographic evidence of disease, seal wounds or sea lice have been one of the primary tools for attracting media attention.

So why does the latest spy video matter so much? For one, animal welfare has emerged as one of the most pressing topics in sustainability, particularly as the plant- and cell-based sectors show real growth.

While the majority of the criticisms has fallen on land-based animals like pigs, cattle and poultry, the seafood industry is no exception.

The second reason this week's video matters is that a major UK retailer, Co-op, very quickly tweeted out a commitment to drop a supplier -- in this case, Mowi, where the filming allegedly took place.

It turns out the tweet was made a little too quickly, and the retailer was forced to reverse its statement. But it's a good indication of just how jumpy retailers are about the subject.

We explore the topic in this week's podcast, along with a look at the record Bristol Bay salmon run, the continued chaos at China's ports and meat giant JBS's potential salmon farming play.