First up this week, a spate of new viruses is raising alarm bells in the shrimp farming sector as a group of 25 seafood buying companies urge governments in Asia to act before they become a big problem.

With US President Donald Trump's relationship with President Putin under the microscope and an election drawing nearer, a fleet of Russian warships in US waters told pollock boats to: 'Move out of the way'

As a new aquaculture investment fund bets on the industry's sustainable growth yielding big returns IntraFish Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry asked, 'Will a flood of new funds investing in aquaculture, fisheries and seafood succeed?'

Amid some estimates that land-based salmon production could reach 1 million tons, those projections are too optimistic for this analyst.

Speaking of land-based, salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire announced plans to start US harvesting in September, while posting more red numbers.

As fallout from COVID-19 continues to batter companies, Mowi dropped salmon harvest guidance this week and said it plans further staff cuts as profits plunged 50 percent.

There was more trouble for the world's largest salmon producer this week, as nearly 50,000 salmon escaped from a storm-hit Scotland site.

With millions of people around the globe seeking jobs or the opportunity to pivot to a more exciting career, Demi Korban took a look inside Grieg Seafood's strategy for attracting talent into the aquaculture industry.

Meanwhile, the impact of a national strike by Chilean truck drivers is likely to continue to drive shortages in the US market in the coming days, as buyers scramble for product.

Finally this week, IntraFish spoke with the biotech giant that says it has capacity to double global supply of omega-3s, paving way for aquaculture growth.