While there appears to be no getting away from the coranavirus news, whichever way you turn, a Trident Seafoods worker was the first coronavirus case reported in Bristol Bay.

As the global coronavirus death toll mounts IntraFish published charts showing how quickly the number of COVID-19 cases are growing in the seafood industry.

Against this background seafood has a narrow window to capitalize on the COVID-19 meat supply shock as Editor Rachel Mutter reported.

While seafood's poor stock performance is on a par with traditional protein companies a scramble for M&As in seafood continues despite the global coronavirus pandemic.

Despite everything that is happening one seafood industry veteran thinks this is the right time to start a new seafood company. Is he crazy, you might be asking? Does he know the coronavirus is threatening the existence of companies around the world?

On the upside Ecuadorian exports of shrimp to the country's main market of China rebounded sharply in April as the Asian powerhouse nation began to emerge from coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

On a different note we took a look inside Bakkafrost’s $200 million plan to turn around its Scottish salmon farming operations with a relentless focus on improving smolt quality, health and self-sufficiency.

With fishermen and retailers remaining flustered at the lack of salmon this year, poor Copper River salmon fishing has buyers impatient, while seasoned observers say they have never seen a season start up this slow.

After a Camanchaca salmon farming site was hammered by stormy weather authorities are investigating the potential escape of salmon at a site housing nearly 1.8 million fish.

After years spent hammering a message to buyers in the German frozen food market, Alaska pollock producers have opted to drop their EU marketing tactic of criticizing Russian rivals.

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