Grabbing the lion's share of readers' attention this week was, naturally, coronavirus, and in particular the unprecedented coalition of US seafood companies making their pleas for aid to President Trump as foodservice demand 'evaporated overnight'.

Across the Atlantic Ocean but still in foodservice crisis mode, the UK's 10,000 fish and chips shops were urged to close amid the coronavirus lockdown.

The warning came hot on the heels of the UK's £1.2 billion ($1.4 billion) fish and chips sector fearing the worst from coronavirus. The National Fish Fryers Federation was blunt: 'We know there is a storm coming.'

This spelled bad news in other areas of the country, as the strict UK lockdown forced Grimsby Fish Market to close.

Coronavirus will force us into an age of online retail IntraFish Editor Rachel Mutter wrote, so what does that mean for seafood?

Meanwhile the spectacular run of mergers and acquisitions across the seafood sector is likely to slow as businesses focus on managing their increasingly demanding day to day operations in the age of coronavirus, PwC and Rabobank analysts said.

In a column packed with insight, IntraFish's Demi Korban argued that Millennials may hold the clue to seafood's post-coronavirus business model.

At the same time, coronavirus is highlighting major weaknesses in seafood's supply chains, seafood industry veteran Andrew Mallison highlighted in an incisive guest column.

Away from the increasingly surreal and previously unthinkable events in seafood and the outside world, IntraFish took a breather and brought you what salmon farming giant Mowi's C-suite executives earn.

Another story garnering attention from the current day-to-day chaos centered on one land-based salmon producer raising $22 million as new investors jump on board.

Finally, controversy erupted over a decision allowing Norwegian salmon farmers to export lower-grade fish.

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