Amid the coronavirus chaos looking for other stories may be like searching for a needle in a haystack, but IntraFish journalists still managed to unearth a few other gems in the past week.

The most read report of the week centered on the stock market bloodbath that saw $2 billion wiped off the value of farmed salmon producers' shares.

Readers attention was also captured by Boston seafood show organizers proposing new dates for the event after the coronavirus postponement.

This came a day after the Brussels seafood show, the industry's global flagship event was postponed as coronavirus spread.

With export orders drying up and prices falling in the face of the coronavirus, exporters are asking 'What are we going to do with the fish now?'

After US President Donald Trump unexpectedly declared a travel ban on flights to the United States from much of Europe and later the UK, analysts said farmed salmon prices will a take broadside from coronavirus travel ban, but demand could recover 'very, very fast.'

With companies increasingly allowing staff to work from home seafood firms are telling IntraFish what they're doing to slow the coronavirus spread.

Amid coronavirus panic shopping, one US seafood buyer sees 'double-digit' growth in canned and frozen fish.

After pushing to end Atlantic salmon farming, IntraFish reported on the tribal member who now wants Cooke to help keep aquaculture alive.

Away from the chaos and with seabream giant Andromeda currently working on a five-year plan to build a much stronger group, the company outlined plans to expand into other farmed fish.

Finally this week salmon farmer Scottish Seafarms was released from giant the US price-fixing lawsuit although other major Norwegian firms remain defendants in the salmon collusion case.