Happy Monday -- start your week by making sure you're caught up on the past week's main stories.

With land-based salmon farming never far from the seafood headlines lately, one industry observer reckons land-based may have finally failed enough that it just might succeed.

Meanwhile, land-based yellowtail farmer The Kingfish Company completed a $60 million IPO on the Oslo market, drawing some major backers in the process, including the key backer and CEO of salmon farming giant Salmar.

In a deal marking a new chapter for Canada's most valuable harvesting company, a Canadian food giant and its First Nations partner agreed to acquire Clearwater Seafoods in a $760 million deal.

With US President-elect Joe Biden putting his transition team together, Alaska pollock and lobsters escaped EU tariffs, but some species are still in crosshairs as the trade bloc unveiled plans to impose $4 billion (€3.4 billion) worth of trade sanctions.

In an unexpected development Thai Union's CFO Joerg Ayrle is leaving the group after 7 years with Ludovic Garnier, head of group accounting and control stepping into his shoes for the time being.

Earnings season continued, with several major companies reporting third quarter results, most of which showed a significant impact from COVID-19.

In concerning news, Norwegian experts fear a 'new' farmed salmon disease is on the rise, while another is being underestimated.

Defeated US President Donald Trump dreamed of America becoming a net seafood exporter. Here's what happened.

Russian Fishery Company (RFC), one of Russia's largest producers of whitefish, is considering pollock surimi production, a move that could take it straight to the top of Russia's value-added seafood production ranks, and bring a significant new player to the global surimi market.

As the US posts a record number of cases the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a heavy financial toll on the Alaska seafood industry, with skyrocketing operating costs and upended markets. Worst of all, the chaos may not be behind it.

Finally this week a judge denied former Bumble Bee CEO’s bid for reduced sentence, ignoring his objection to 'extremely harsh' conditions.