Nothing could hold up the flow of seafood news this week, as a variety of news and features caught readers' attention.

With Ocean Beauty Seafoods reportedly discussing a sale or merger with Cooke, IntraFish offered readers the opportunity to meet the mysterious owners behind the company.

In a surprise M&A move this week, we broke the news of Brazilian tilapia producer GeneSeas' move to acquire US distributor Tropical Aquaculture.

With the death toll now running to 2,000, Mowi's CEO Ivan Vindheim said the deadly coronavirus impact will soon blow over.

In mixed news for the industry, US seafood consumption flatlined and the trade deficit widened, according to newly released annual figures from the US government.

In a typically incisive column, IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo asked why is the Marine Stewardship Council hoarding its cash and what does it plan to do with it?

Canadian seafood giant Canfisco is investing in Seattle-based salmon processor E&E Foods as Rachel Sapin reported.

Yet another land-based salmon farming story caught the eye this week, as Demi Korban reported on the land-based salmon farmer quietly ticking along in the world's watchmaking capital.

With the feed issues never far from the headlines, this week IntraFish offered readers the chance to take a look inside the world's largest salmon feed factory.

With Alaska pollock's A season in full swing, strong catches and booming markets have Alaska pollock harvesters smiling.

Finally with Thursday's acquisition of 12 groundfish vessels and 27 associated fishing permits formerly owned by convicted fishing mogul Carlos Rafael, Massachusetts-based Blue Harvest

Fisheries took yet another step toward solidifying itself as a seafood powerhouse in the New England region.

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