You may be forgiven for thinking this week that only one story mattered, but there you would be wrong as we look at a selection of the most attention grabbing reports from recent days.

China's coronavirus, of course, captured much of the attention in the past seven days, none more so than in IntraFish's live updates highlighting the chaos sucking in salmon, shrimp and lobster.

Reports also covered the Indian, Ecuadorian shrimp industries holding their breath over a potential China market collapse, while the pandemic impact on Chinese seafood industry is becoming increasingly concerning.

But there were other big news stories this week.

Among them the former Icicle Seafoods CEO returning to run cod giant Bristol Bay Alaska Seafoods.

Still in the United States IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo offered his view on why seafood's future looks bleak.

In an unexpected development the MD of land-based salmon producer Atlantic Sapphire's Denmark operations announced his departure.

On the other other side of the world New Zealand's Sealord announced it was taking full control of Australian salmon and trout producer Petuna Aquaculture.

Meantime, animal feed giant Nutreco is investing in Dutch-land based farmer Kingfish Zeeland to double production in the Netherlands and begin the permitting process for its newly acquired location in Jonesport, Maine.

In Eastern Europe Russia slammed the door shut on Bakkafrost salmon, before meting out similar treatment to Mowi's Chilean salmon.

Finally this week in Brazil technological improvements mean shrimp production could hit 120,000 MT this year.