As land-based projects boom across the United States, so does the market for fish feed. Major US aquaculture feed producers will have to consider using recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) to meet the growing demand.

"I'm quite sure we will potentially see more facilities coming up and more production plans for fish feed coming out of the United States," Ole Christensen, VP of Danish feed giant BioMar, told IntraFish.

Last week Nutrition President Pilar Cruz and Cargill Animal Nutrition and Health Sustainability Director Dave Robb said the global shrimp industry is set to benefit exponentially from digital technology, citing shrimp as a key growth area for the company.

Coronavirus also made global headlines last week when Chinese customs authorities suspended shrimp imports from three Ecuadorian producers after allegedly detecting traces of COVID-19 on some recent shipments.

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Over in Africa, while many companies are being challenged by the coronavirus pandemic on a daily basis, Africa's largest fishing company Oceana Group has leadership as its priority, particularly banking on the younger generation to propel dynamic and sustainable changes in the fish protein space.

News that turned heads in the industry last week also included the world’s largest salmon farmer, Mowi, announcing it is leaving the Global Salmon Initiative (GSI).

"Mowi has decided that the time is right for them to take their own independent path," said the group.

Alaska sockeye salmon processors placing limits on what they could buy from Bristol Bay fishermen as harvests continued to gain interest throughout the week. Keep track of the latest news from Bristol Bay in Alaska with our live blog, where fishermen are seeing record harvests.