It was a busy week in seafood news, and our team worked hard to get on the phone, text, email and WhatsApp to gather news from around the industry for our readers.

That meant fantastic insight from some of the industry's top executives. Below we've pulled some key quotes from our coverage, and if you've been reading, you shouldn't have any problem matching the executive with the comment.

Good luck!

Yikes -- there have been a lot of layoffs in the news lately. That means the stakes are high for keeping educated and excelling. Here's how your score reflects your job prospects.

0-3. "Let's talk in my office."

4-6. You might not get the chance for that subversive "quiet quitting" thing.

7-8. This may be the height of your mediocre career. Enjoy it.

9-10. You're a threat to your boss. See score 1-3.

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