Ex-Marine Harvest (now Mowi) CEO Atle Eide made a bold prediction this past week: salmon farming as we know it today likely won't be around in the next decade.

Instead, Eide argues, we'll see the offshore and land-based sectors develop, and an embracing of technologies such as closed-containment systems that can limit environmental impact.

"[Environmental, social and governance] needs to be higher on our agenda," Eide said.

To expand growth to reach lofty targets -- such as the contentious 5 million metric-ton projection research institute Sintef said the industry could reach by 2050 -- the sector will require "new technology, new expertise, zero lice and zero escapes."

Open netpens, he said, while still in the mix, will be more and more rare. "We probably won't have fully open, traditional netpens by 2030," he said.

"Society's demands have shifted too much, and technological advances will make it profitable to change, I think."

Join Drew Cherry and John Fiorillo as they discuss the issue on the latest episode of the IntraFish Podcast below, plus the new bid to create a US seafood marketing campaign.

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