Another week, another labor scandal in the seafood industry. The allegations against the Indian shrimp industry in one NGO report and two exposes from journalists at The Outlaw Ocean Project and the Associated Press made for tough reading, and leave the industry with another mess to clean up.

We've already seen buyers drop suppliers, and plenty of others are evaluating their supply chains.

What next? The news cycle may come and go, but the industry is left with a difficult, nagging question: Can eco-labels be trusted? Based on all the latest investigations, certifications are circumvented fairly easily, lack teeth or are simply viewed as little more than marketing tools. The allegations of greenwashing that have dogged the industry for years are back in the conversation.

Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Editor Drew Cherry discuss the issue on this week's IntraFish podcast.

Plus: Are you confused about Norway's so-called "production fish"? Curious about winter wounds, bacterial infections and salmon grading?

Of course you are.

That's why we've brought on our colleague Anders Furuset, who has been covering the rise in lower-grade farmed salmon in Norway and the controversy it has sparked in the industry.

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