No matter how strong a brand may be in a home country, breaking into new borders is never easy.

Just ask Young's Seafood, whose plans to serve US consumers a higher-quality product with a British spin fell flat.

Or you could knock on the door of Hilton Seafoods (formerly Seachill) and ask why their Saucy Fish brand received an overwhelming 'Meh' in America, even when placed in front of normally adventurous Whole Foods shoppers.

Hear Executive Editor John Fiorillo talk about his reporting, which he did alongside journalist Dominic Welling. Correspondent John Evans, who recently spoke with UK brand experts, also gave his view.

Plus, no we just can't scrape plant-based seafood off of our shoes, and the industry can't either. Hear Fiorillo and Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry give some opposing views.

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