Meat giant JBS has sucked all the oxygen out of the newsroom this week, but despite all that we know so far -- and we are learning more and more about the company and its strategy for the sector -- we don't know what the long game is, exactly.

While the company made its first salmon farming play in Tasmania, it's unlikely to consolidate that sector much more, and instead will look for larger targets, perhaps closer to home.

The Chilean salmon farming sector is right next door, and already ships a lot of its product into Brazil, making it a comfortable fit. Even more comfortable, however, could be tilapia farming giants in-country.

Listen along as Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Senior Business Reporter Rachel Sapin and Correspondent John Evans discuss what might come next.

Plus: Nordic Aquaculture and Cooke's rare US wins, Peru's anchovy season and Alaska Congressman Don Young's true feelings about hatchery-supplemented wild salmon runs.