The Bristol Bay salmon fishery is in a very tricky spot. Go ahead with the fishery and potentially risk infecting an, until now, coronavirus-free region, or cancel the season and risk jobs and income for the region and beyond.

In this week's podcast we address the near-impossible decision-making having to go on daily in the world's seafood sector.

We also break down the key takeaways from the big hitters at IntraFish's first digital leadership event, with crucial thoughts from Pacific Seafoods CEO Frank Dulcich, Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp, Grieg CEO Andreas Kvame, Biomar CEO Carlos Diaz, NPD Group's Tim Fires as well as DNB's Alex Aukner and Freyr Thordason.

Join IntraFish Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry, Executive Editor John Fiorillo and Editor Rachel Mutter by listening in below, and feel free to add your insight by emailing any one of us with your thoughts.

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