Seafood marketing has long been a bit of an enigma.

What is the message? What do consumers think of the product? What will make them buy more?

These are all questions that few people have convincingly known the answers to for a very long time.

But one or two industries have broken that mold, conducting actual wide-ranging research, investing in analysis and acting on the information.

Farmed salmon is one. The other, remarkably, is what has long been considered the "invisible fish" -- pollock.

A two-year-long campaign by the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) appears to have done the impossible and brought one of the most unrecognizable, most heavily-disguised seafood products to the fore of the public consciousness, creating a return on investment for pollock producers of an impressive $28 (€23.70) per $1 (€0.85) spent in the process.

"These days, when you go to the grocery store and grab of bag of Gortons fish sticks or whatever, that 'Wild Alaska Pollock' name is right there on the box," said Executive Editor John Fiorillo speaking in our recent Intrafish Podcast. "They are telling you that this is the fish that is inside the breading, and I think GAPP gets a lot of credit for that."

While the pandemic has certainly contributed to a bumper year for species such as pollock, marketing and branding has also driven recognition of the species and its sustainability credentials through the roof.

How exactly the Alaskan pollock industry has achieved this and what can be learned from its efforts and those of other successful marketing investments in the sector is the subject of discussion in our new IntraFish podcast.

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