We're just days away from December, which for me, (and I assume many of you) is a bit of a shock.

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Let's start off looking at a roundup of the most important stories of the past week, but first, a reminder to register for the IntraFish Sustainable Seafood Forum on Dec. 14. We'll be bringing Ikea, Mowi, Rabobank, DNB, BioMar and more together to discuss the financial implications of the shift to the new blue economy.

Shipping container line Hapag-Lloyd is urging customers to divert reefer containers away from the Chinese port of Dalian after it became the epicenter of China's latest COVID-19 surge.

More bad shipping news: A new United Nations report says shipping disruptions are likely to continue far longer than first expected.

French fishermen blocked entry to the Channel tunnel Friday as part of a campaign to ratchet up pressure on the UK government. Get caught up on the Brexit saga here.

The lessons of the oil and gas industry will be key to a profitable offshore aquaculture industry, according to the chairman of SalMar Aker Ocean in this exclusive interview.

In another exclusive interview, the Seattle Fish Company CEO told IntraFish what's next for the group after its recent sale.

Russia’s farmed salmonid production reached a major milestone in September, with year-to-date production reaching the same level the country imported in 2014. Here is why they are crowing about it.

No matter how you slice it, salmon is the fresh seafood superstar at US retail. We have the numbers.

At UK retail, salmon is equally hot, and Norway giant Mowi is elbowing its way onto retail shelves.

With higher prices and a recovery in foodservice markets, one country has emerged as the winner in global farmed shrimp production.

Flying high. Photo: Kip Sikora

Nippon Suisan Kaisha, one of the world's largest seafood companies, increased prices for surimi and frozen seafood. Here's why.

Skretting, the world's largest aquaculture feed producer, is welcoming efforts by the European Union to crack down on illegal soy, but warns that it is not a simple issue.

Billionaire Randal Kirk, one of the earliest backers GM salmon farmer AquaBounty Technologies, sold down a massive holding in the company.

Just one of the things Randal Kirk can buy with his huge AquaBounty sell-off. Photo: RUSSELL BOYCE

Icelandic authorities are investigating a possible case of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) at a salmon farm. This is why that's a big deal.

In other disease news, Canadian giant Cooke detected a deadly pathogen in one of its Atlantic salmon operations.

New York-based Acme Smoked Fish Corp. is launching a new non-profit arm to support climate change innovation and educational initiatives.

Oh, and check out this salmon farming Superyacht.


AquaChile sold its Costa Rica tilapia operations, Rainforest Tilapia, to central American seafood farmer and harvester.

A Russian billionaire is poised to continue his rapid expansion into the seafood sector. Here is his latest buy.

Sykes Seafood reached a deal to acquire a UK wholesaler, a move that will create a $500 million business.

Chilean salmon farming group Blumar sold off a jointly held cold storage and primary processing operation.

Private equity fund Paine Schwartz Partners, the former owners of Icicle Seafoods, acquired a 50 percent stake in Hendrix Genetics.

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