Hello readers -- Let's catch up on another exciting week of seafood news. Here are some of the top headlines.

First up, in an exclusive interview, Cargill Aqua Nutrition's new president gave a look inside the company's first investment in a land-based salmon producer.

Danish seafood giant Espersen, which supplies among other clients McDonald's, is "slowly but surely" reopening its processing facility in Vietnam, after being forced to shutter the plant for 10 weeks.

Executives in the whitefish industry, including Nordic Group and Norebo, are warning of sharp rises in prices for cod and haddock in the coming months. Here's why.

Logistics continue to be the biggest issue impacting the seafood industry, and depending on who you ask, things are either getting better or worse.

Norwegian salmon producers are happy with the market despite the shipping issues, though, with prices continuing to nudge up.

Meanwhile, Ecuador shrimp prices hit their highest level since March 2018.

Atlantic Sapphire's "Bluehouse" salmon performed below expectations in a recently concluded retail promotion, the largest ever for land-based salmon of any kind.

Investment bank Kepler Cheuvreux isn't convinced about the company's outlook, and slashed its target price. Top executives did their best to stanch the bleeding.

A big week for land-based yellowtail farmer The Kingfish Company, which landed a contract with France-based retail chain Auchan, and Italian chain Conad.

The color of money is green.

The controversial Netflix documentary "Seaspiracy" has driven investor interest in sustainable seafood projects, according to the founder of investment fund Aqua-Spark.

A US judge refused to delay a case to settle a dispute between US Customs and American Seafoods over alleged Jones Act violations. Worse, Customs wants its fines paid now, not later.

Another court case is continuing, this one pitting a US smokehouse against Chilean giant AquaChile over salmon "washing." Read on.

Shuck your money-maker. Photo: Produce

A US-based private equity fund snapped up scallop giant Northern Wind, and plans on building a new North American seafood processor and distributor.

In good COVID news, Mowi executives were able to return to the remote Canada town of Klemtu to resume normal operations. But 'arbitrary, unfair' challenges still remain for the salmon farming giant in the province.

A Swedish plant-based seafood startup is targeting the salmon sector. Should the industry be afraid?

Finally, memorials poured in for Trident Seafoods founder Chuck Bundrant, who died last week at the age of 79. Among the most impressive send offs was US Senator Lisa Murkowski honoring Bundrant on the floor of the US Senate chambers.

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