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The farmed shrimp sector is squeezed between two competing forces: skyrocketing demand as markets rebound vs. logistics challenges driving up costs astronomically. The stories will give you the full picture of where things stand.

The CEO of whitefish giant Espersen warned shipping constraints, combined with general inflation 'on basically everything,' is creating a challenging outlook.

Top executives at Nomad Foods, the world's largest branded frozen fish supplier, also warned inflation is pressuring margins.

Some good logistics news: the first vessel to deliver frozen fish on the controversial Bayside route since US Customs levied $400 million in fines is on its way.

You don't want to see this outside your headquarters. Photo: Peter Summers/Getty Images

With COP26 commitments being made left and right, the seafood industry runs the risk of falling behind. Here's my take on some ways they can lead.

Global farmed salmon prices should remain firm in 2022, according to agricultural lending giant Rabobank. Here's why.

Norwegian lender DNB agreed: 'No other industry is as well-positioned for the next decade as salmon farming.'

Grieg Seafood was one of the beneficiaries of the strong market as earnings season kicks off.

Algal blooms are an increasing threat to the ocean aquaculture industry. Photo: Shutterstock

Mowi has suffered two recent die-offs, both in regions where politics are precarious, and missteps can be costly. The reasons for the losses in Canada and the losses Ireland were very different, though.

Struggling land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire still needs to overcome some production challenges, and it needs investigators to solve one key mystery.

Sapphire still has an edge on price per kilo for its fish, though: here's what land-based genetically modified farmed salmon costs.

Feed giants Cargill, Biomar and Skretting still have some big concerns about the negotiations over Northeast Atlantic pelagic quotas.

And are plant-based seafood labels really misleading? Judge for yourself in this John Fiorillo commentary.

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M&A watch

And finally, seafood giant Chuck Bundrant was memorialized in a ceremony in Washington. You can watch the event here.

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