Hello folks -- the year is winding down, and with Christmas and New Year's upon us, it's time time to start taking stock of 2021. Keep an eye out for our "top stories" round-ups, where we'll give you a look back at what defined the year.

First, some news we've been waiting to share for quite awhile -- our new App has launched, and it's fantastic. Download it for free to see why we're so excited.

We kicked off our Year in Review series last week with a round-up of all the major job shifts in seafood, and the number was surprising. More than 300 executives chose to change roles.

Our Seafood Sustainability Summit brought together some of the top minds together last week. Here's insight from the day's first panel, as well as a look into how Swedish retail and foodservice giant Ikea sees the seafood industry's future.

You can watch the entire event here, by the way.

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Here's why Walmart Canada went all-in on an exclusive smoked salmon brand from a First Nation and salmon giant Mowi, straight from the buyer's mouth.

The Kingfish Company is one of the hottest land-based aquaculture operations around. Check out its next steps.

Norway is hoping to regain its Marine Stewardship Council certification for its inshore cod fishery by the start of the 2023 winter season, if all goes to plan.

A former executive with Kahoot, a trivia App that benefitted from the virtual office, wants to build a massive company bringing together both wild and farmed cod. Here's the plan.

Researchers from five countries have joined forces to develop a new type of salmon feed.

Just get the damn shot. Photo: SOPA Images/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Another startup is jumping into the alternative feed ingredients arena, this time using technology critical to Pfizer's and Moderna's COVID-19 vaccines. I received my booster yesterday, so that's my excuse for any typos in this newsletter.

Speaking of disease, Icelandic authorities confirmed that infectious salmon anemia (ISA) was indeed found at a salmon farm, the first case ever in the country.

Land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire can't catch a break: it is now under scrutiny for how it classified a breach of covenants on a $50 million loan.

A future home for fish farms? Photo: Cipiota/Wikimedia Commons

Transforming decommissioned oil platforms into fish farms is still an unproven strategy, but a new effort could provide much-needed answers.

In M&A news, Consolidation came to the Icelandic salmon farming industry, and the acquisition of the company holding the Costco salmon contract won praise from analysts.

Some big departures this week as Wally Stevens, longtime aquaculture proponent, steps down from the Global Seafood Alliance. In addition, Mowi Ireland Managing Director Jan Feenstra is retiring after a stunning 40 years with the group.

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