Hello folks -- Let's catch up on another exciting week of seafood news.

First up, it's time to get educated on sustainability-linked lending for seafood. The sector came late to the party, but green and blue bonds could become 'a license to operate.'

Global supply chain bottlenecks show no sign of easing as new figures reveal that port congestion across several sectors has reached record levels, in bad news for the frozen fish sector.

In other bottlenecks, COVID closures and worker departures are squeezing the supply of one of the world's most popular whitefish. A fascinating look into how this sector has been hit.

Tone Bjornstad Hanstad, investment professional at Ferd Capital. Photo: Ferd

Looking for a buyer? This investment giant is actively seek new aquaculture investments, but their criteria for potential investments is uncompromising.

A potentially game-changing bill for the US offshore aquaculture industry has been reintroduced in the US Senate.

In a surprise move, the CEO of Bregal-backed Blue Harvest Fisheries has been named the new CEO of a new closed-containment salmon farming project in Maine.

Salmon giant Mowi said it will close a Canada freshwater hatchery, blaming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's policies.

In a hotly contested legal battle, lawyers representing several of Canada's First Nations stood staunchly in favor of a judicial review of the decision to phase out salmon farming in a key BC area.

A new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and Canadian Coast Guard was named, but most in the salmon farming industry don't expect major changes.

UK-based processor New England Seafood International (NESI) is rolling out its fledgling chilled seafood brand into more retailers across the country. Here's their plan.

Meanwhile, UK rival Young’s Seafood is jumping on the surge in salmon sales with the launch of a product in Asda stores. Take a look.

JBS Global CEO Gilberto Tomazoni. Photo: JBS

The takeover bid for salmon farmer Huon by meat giant JBS is closer and closer, as shareholders and regulators green-lit the deal.

Russian fisheries researchers are warning the country's key pollock harvesting region could face a sharp decline in the total allowable catch as early as 2024.

Meanwhile, the value of US frozen Alaska pollock production could decrease this year by as much as 24 percent. Here's why.

An Alaska judge handed Alaska pollock producer American Seafoods a win in the ongoing Bayside shipping fight. Here's the latest.

In a concerning development, a British scallop trawler owned by Macduff Shellfish, a fishing company owned by Clearwater Seafoods, has been detained by French in rising post-Brexit tension. The next steps are unclear.


A $2 billion eCommerce giant acquired this US-based seafood company, showing that the company's early adoption of online retailing was the right move.

An Alaska group is acquiring a controlling interest in Glacier Fish Company, one of Alaska's leading suppliers of pollock.

A Norwegian technology company that recently saw a multi-million dollar investment from Swen Equity is considering widening its current focus beyond farmed salmon.

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