Hello folks -- the main thing you need to know this week is that a good old-fashioned bidding war is in the making as Mowi, the world's largest salmon farmer, leaps into a shareholder battle for Norwegian aquaculture conglomerate NTS.

The offering price of $1.6 billion tells you that Mowi has plenty of cash to splash for the deal. CEO Ivan Vindheim told us why NTS is attractive, and analysts said Mowi may not be the last to put forward an offer.

Pivot to land-based, where fortunes are diverging wildly.

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This week marked a big milestone -- Atlantic Sapphire was officially knocked off its perch as the world's most-valuable land-based salmon supplier. Now this is the company to watch.

One company that's harder to watch, given that management has gone quiet, is Whole Oceans. Senior Reporter Rachel Sapin investigates 'a black hole'.

(You can hear us discuss in more detail here on our podcast)

Chile's leftist new president criticized salmon farmers as 'thoughtless', but the industry is hopeful that he may change his tune. Here's their first reactions.

A clean slate? Photo: Clean Seas

Yellowtail kingfish farmer Clean Seas has been on a wild ride over its history, but its new CEO may have things stabilized. He gives his views in this exclusive interview.

As new figures are posted for 2021, we're getting a sense of just how much the shipping hiccups have impacted the sector.

For the UK, it's been rough, especially when compounded with Brexit woes. This executive's not-so-sunny projections for the year make sure tough reading.

In more concerning trade news, with $250 million in monthly seafood shipments on the line, fallout from US-Canada trucker vaccine mandates could be costly.

Send more seafood! President Joe Biden is directing agencies to purchase more US-caught fish.

The US government continues its seafood shopping spree. OBI Seafoods, jointly owned by Cooke Inc. and the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC), is a $52 million winner in massive US federal canned salmon purchase.

People continue to be happy to change careers mid-pandemic. One of the more interesting ones last week was Alaska pollock giant American Seafoods' hiring a well-known NGO executive to head up its sustainability strategy. It shows the industry has come a long way.

Other familiar faces are taking on new roles, with ex-Mowi CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog giving guidance to one salmon farm, while ex-Cargill Aqua Nutrition CEO Einar Wathne advising another.


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