Innovation starts with imagination. As poet William Blake once said: "What is now proved was once only imagined."

And when it comes to the global seafood industry, innovation is at the heart of its fastest growing sector -- aquaculture.

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The list of innovative ideas and initiatives is long and includes new ways of farming fish both at sea and on land, the development of alternative feed ingredients, new solutions for disease and other impediments to fish health, artificial intelligence, and much more.

But there wouldn't be innovation without innovators, the men and women who imagine solutions to problems and make them a reality.

In this special feature, IntraFish introduces you to some of the world's leading aquaculture innovators -- agents of change who are ushering in the new age of "precision aquaculture" and taking the Blue Revolution to the next level.

We combed through some of the recent investments, partnerships, deals, breakthroughs and our own coverage and selected executives whose ideas could make the aquaculture industry more efficient, sustainable and profitable.