Over the last 60 years, the shrimp peeling segment has seen few innovations. But a new product from Uni-Food Technic called the SeaPeeler Flex is reversing that trend.

The SeaPeeler Flex gives shrimp producers state-of-the-art equipment that helps them reduce water consumption, increase capacity and yield, reduce floor space, and decrease other costs—all while producing higher-quality shrimp. It’s an innovative, compact machine that is easily installed in existing processing lines and enables producers to optimize the entire shrimp peeling process with automation while increasing yield and accelerating profitability.

The machine—which is built with rollers and driven by chains—features leading-edge design benefits:

  • Water is applied as a spray, functioning only as a lubricant, which reduces water consumption by 90%
  • Programmable hardware and horizontal peeling, giving you the control needed to adapt to any kind of environment
  • Shells and protein are automatically cleaned off the rollers, ensuring they don’t pile up on the inserts, which reduces waste and increases yield
  • The shrimp aren’t transported in water, which protects their color and flavor, making the end product better and cheaper to produce
  • The ability to peel shrimp onboard, without requiring a plain and stable surface

But the benefits of the SeaPeeler Flex don’t stop there.

What are the benefits of the SeaPeeler Flex?

With the SeaPeeler Flex, shrimp producers will enjoy:

A top-quality end product, with shrimp retaining their natural color and flavor

An increased yield of up to 39%, bringing more efficiency to the peeling process

A reduction in floor space of up to 50%

Cost savings for service and spare parts of up to 50%

A reduction in maintenance costs thanks to an intuitive design that ensures rollers are only used when they are actively peeling shrimp

Rapid ROI with an investment that immediately decreases costs and increases margins while boosting the number of shrimp you have to sell

Simply put, adding the SeaPeeler Flex to your production line delivers considerable upside to your organization. It also puts you at a significant advantage over competitors that are still relying on the same tools they’ve used for six decades.

What kind of shrimp can I produce with the SeaPeeler Flex?

Since all moving parts of the SeaPeeler Flex are fully programmable and self-contained, the machine can adapt to process several different types of raw materials.

This enables the SeaPeeler Flex to process both frozen and fresh shrimps without any complications—leaving business owners 100% in charge of the entire process.

More specifically, the SeaPeeler Flex can help you produce:

  • The Pandalus Borealis, which is boiled and peeled immediately after the catch to increase the quality of the meat and enable the freezing and packing process to be done in the same workflow—which further increases profitability
  • Species like Wannamei and Tiger shrimp can easily be processed by loosening the shell before peeling and removing the head on the patented PrePeeler—which makes it possible to peel the bigger warm-water shrimps Asia is known for without any hitches
  • Warm-water shrimps caught in the Gulf of Mexico, including Red Argentina and the various farmed shrimp types produced in countries across South America
  • Brown shrimps like Crangon Crangon can also be peeled with high capacity on an adapted version of the SeaPeeler Flex

The future is now

The SeaPeeler Flex marks Uni-Food Technic’s first foray into the shrimp segment and represents a major milestone in its broader quest to penetrate new markets. For much of the past 35 years, salmon processing equipment was the Danish manufacturer’s primary area of focus.

As IntraFish has reported, Bjarne Jensen founded Uni-Food Technic in 1985 and its current owner and CEO, Kurt Bech Christensen, acquired the company in 2019.

While all of the supplier’s machinery and processing lines are constructed, built and tested in Storvorde, Denmark, 95% of its equipment is sold abroad. In addition to Scandinavia, the US and UK will be increasingly important to the company going forward as it markets the SeaPeeler Flex.

To learn more about how the SeaPeeler Flex can transform your shrimp peeling process while enabling your organization to unlock additional gains in productivity and profitability, check this out. Or, you can contact Sales Manager Mads Sigsgaard via email.